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Ashland City, Tennessee
Rick House: 10,583 SF; Still House: 4,477 SF


Corsair Distillery
Dry Fork Holdings LLC
Barge Cauthen & Associates, Inc.

In 2008, Corsair Distillery was founded in Bowling Green, KY by two Nashville natives, Darek Bell & Andrew Webber. By 2010, Corsair set its marks where it all started, becoming the first craft distillery in Nashville since prohibition. Corsair’s spirits have been praised in publications like Food and Wine, Saveur, Imbibe, Whisky Magazine, Whisky Advocate, the Atlantic, Time Out New York, and Corsair’s innovative and adventurous spirits have won over 800 medals at national and international spirits competitions. This distillery location is located in Ashland City and will be the home to the manufacturing of various liquors. The over 4,000 SF Still House is used for the production and contains the large copper still as well as several cookers and mashers for the processing of ingredients. The Rick House is more than 10,500 SF and operates as a storage room for all the barrels.

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