Quality control begins in the preconstruction phase by establishing complete and open communications among all team members and having all parties being accountable. Having these protocols in place is the first step toward implementing quality control throughout the project.

During the construction phase of the project, our Project Executive, Project Manager(s), and Superintendent(s) implement the following steps to assure the project achieves quality throughout:

  • Strict submittal reviews
  • Inspections
  • Construction of full scale mock-ups when necessary
  • Testing
  • Regular communication with all subcontractors/ vendors
  • Timely identification/correction of nonconforming work


Our team is responsible for the quality control of its subcontractors, vendors, and fabricators in order to ensure that quality control standards are maintained and work is performed in compliance with contract requirements.

Prior to the start of construction, BELL’s Project Manager and Superintendent meet with each subcontractor to review:

  • Contract documents requirements
  • Project schedule
  • Inspection and test requirements
  • Project procedures

This process ensures that the subcontractor fully understands the project-specific quality control requirements prior to commencing work.


Quality is monitored on a daily basis by our construction field superintendent and on-site project management team. Beyond the daily monitoring of the quality of the work, we complete scheduled routine inspections:

  • As work first begins to confirm quality is being delivered as expected
  • Prior to the installation of any finishes to ensure finishes are not damaged by any additional overhead work
  • Prior to closing in the areas above ceilings
  • At system check-out
  • At final inspections


We know that one of the final and most meaningful impressions an Owner has of BELL is how we close-out the construction project, which is why our team puts such a focused effort in doing so in a prompt and organized manner. However, our work doesn’t end when we hand over the keys.

During the project warranty period, BELL’s Director of Quality Control establishes a project-specific “Warranty Log” to track any issues detected.

The log lists:

  • the item number
  • description
  • specific location
  • reference (picture of item or drawing with the item noted)
  • determination of whether it is a warranty or maintenance issue
  • the date subcontractor was notified
  • responsible subcontractor & contact information
  • date the issue is resolved
  • status
  • detailed notes on the actions taken

As the warranty log is updated, it is provided to the Owner for their use and reference to track each item and confirm each item is resolved to their satisfaction. BELL, along with the Owner, Design Team, consultants, and major subcontractors, will do a complete walk-through of the building 10 months after the Certificate of Occupancy is issued with the goal of identifying any issues prior to the one-year warranty expiration.