Our team understands how important it is to have your project completed and ready for use on time. Putting a schedule in place that addresses the multiple tasks required to complete the project, as well as getting all parties cooperation to complete the tasks as required in the schedule, will result in on-time completion to help avoid those disruptions.

Preconstruction Phase Schedule

When working in a CMAR, CM/GC, or Design-Build arrangement, we develop a detailed preconstruction phase schedule detailing time frames for all preconstruction activities, early release package (ERP) bidding and award, main project bidding and award, and permitting. This preconstruction phase schedule will serve as the tool to monitor the progress of the design documents to assure an on-time completion and identification of any long-lead items that may require ERPs. We meet regularly with the design team to review the overall preconstruction/design schedule to identify and address any slippage.

Construction Phase Schedule

As the project moves into the construction phase, the project schedule becomes much more detailed, illustrating all construction activities and sequencing required to complete the project on-time.

As subcontractors and vendors are brought on-board, we get their input to confirm the expected duration of tasks and that all tasks are indicated, making the schedule as accurate as possible. The schedule is reviewed and revised as needed at each weekly on-site project progress meeting to accurately reflect the status of the work.

Six-Week Look-Ahead

Critical to achieving an on-time completion is BELL’s six-week look ahead schedule. This tool allows the team to anticipate upcoming construction activities, provide coordination among the trades, and ensure the appropriate materials are available and on-site when needed.

Early Release Packages

We determine which areas need permits to be issued before the full building permit so construction on those areas can begin sooner, thus accelerating the overall schedule.