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Project Details

Bolivar, Tennessee
75,000 SF
Completion Date


Hardeman County Government
Evans Taylor Foster Childress Architects

About Hardeman County Justice Center:

BELL’s Construction Manager at Risk team worked with Hardeman County and their design team to successfully complete the new criminal justice facility. The criminal justice center complex was 75,000 SF.  The justice center included two courtrooms, judicial offices and support spaces, defendant holding areas, secured judges parking. The detention area includes 152 inmate beds in double occupancy cells, four isolation cells and a 24-bed dormitory. In more detail, the detention area included nine intake bookings cells, four medical isolation cells, 76 precast double occupancy cells, 12 men’s dorm beds, and 12 women’s dorm beds.


Hardeman County Justice Center details:

  • 75,000 SF
  • 180 total beds
  • 76 double occupancy cells
  • Two courtrooms
  • Judicial offices
  • Secured Judges parking
  • Support spaces
  • Defendant holding areas
  • Nine intake bookings cells
  • Four medical isolation cells
  • 24-bed dormitory
    • Twelve men’s dorm beds
    • Twelve women’s dorm beds

I would like to commend Bell & Associates for their outstanding work on the Hardeman County Justice Center.  Much of the success of this project hinged on their early and intense involvement from assisting with site selection, design assistance and planning, budgeting and material selection, to the hand-in hand willingness to work with the owner through the entire construction process. We highly recommend Bell & Associates when you want more than just a contractor.

Judge Charles Cary, Juvenile Court of Hardeman County

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