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Project Details

Shelbyville, Tennessee
167,466 SF
Completion Date


Government of Bedford County
Spirit Architecture Group, LLC

About Bedford County Justice Complex: 

BELL acted as the Construction Manager at Risk to complete this project including a justice center, the Sheriff’s office, and a 415-bed jail. The justice center includes four courtrooms, judges’ suites with offices, administration areas, conference rooms, jury rooms, witness rooms, a probation area with a waiting room, a clerk’s area, multiple offices, a chancery suite, and a district attorney suite. Access to the Sheriff’s office and jail are separate and secured from the justice center.


Bedford County Justice Complex details: 

  • 167,466 SF
  • Justice center
  • Sheriff’s office
  • 415-bed jail
  • Four courtrooms
  • Judges suites with offices
  • Jury rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Witness rooms
  • Probation area with waiting room
  • District Attorney suite
  • Chancery suite
  • Administration offices and areas

Having BELL as CM at Risk, the County benefitted by having your team actively involved during the design process, completing multiple cost estimates ensuring the design was within the established budget, and by keeping the designer on schedule so construction could begin on time.



John T. Bobo - Law Office of Bobo, Hunt & White

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