Special projects division | mid-size Projects


We are truly a hometown company with the capabilities to build anything – big or small. With continued success delivering complex projects, our clients know they can count on us to help them achieve their construction goals. 

We’re excited to build on this expertise with the launch of our Special Projects Division to meet the distinct needs of clients with unique, fast-paced projects that are typically under $10 million. 

The Special Projects Division was developed to address the ongoing demand for construction services for smaller projects while maintaining BELL’s high level of service. We’re proud to have Tyler Baldridge,  Senior Project Manager, leading this new initiative.

Tyler brings eight years of construction experience to the role and oversees coordination between subcontractors and suppliers, project scheduling, preparing monthly pay applications for the owner, approving subcontractor invoices, and coordination with the architects.

We sat down with him to learn more about the Special Projects Division and how it provides a more aligned, expedited, and economical model for our clients. 

Q: Tyler, tell us about the new division. What’s important for BELL’s clients and future clients to know? 

This division gives our existing clients additional resources and our future clients a chance to see how we operate on a smaller scale before beginning larger projects.

Q: BELL’s special project experience includes Corsair Distillery, Hutton Hotel’s lobby and restroom renovation, and construction at Smyrna Airport. How does BELL’s Special Projects team work to meet the unique needs of these projects? 

Our experience spans a wide range of markets, including corrections, hospitality and commercial real estate, and we apply it to these projects. Most of our special projects are fast-paced and located in an existing facility, which requires constant attention to detail.

Q: How does BELL’s approach to these special projects differ from other, more traditional project types?

The only difference between special projects and our traditional projects is the size and dollar amount. We still have our estimating project team dig in and review the drawings, and when necessary, work with the client to determine whether changes are needed to meet their budget. 

Q: What makes you most excited about this new division and its capabilities? We are excited about the opportunity to work with clients in this new capacity.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with clients in this new capacity. Not every developer/client in Nashville is doing $10 million+ projects. There is a large client market that we were not able to reach previously, and this gives us more opportunities to bring our capabilities to smaller projects.

Q: Is there anything you would like to add that would be important for BELL’s key relationships to know?

This is an added service BELL provides. Not only can we continue to deliver large-scale projects, but we can now also provide small-scale projects with the same high level of care.